CSCT Ethical and Professional Standards

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CSCT Ethical and Professional Standards

This document identifies overarching standards of ethical and professional behaviour that should govern the conduct of CSCT members at all times and in all aspects of their work.

The Cardiology Technologist:

~ Provides services with dignity and respect, regardless of the patient’s personal attributes and the nature of their medical condition, and without discrimination based upon sex, race, creed, ethnicity, religion, political belief, sexual orientation or socio- economic status

~ Exercises care, discretion and good judgment, and acts at all times in the best interests of the patient

~ Recognizes the patient’s right to be fully informed; explains techniques and services; responds to questions as authorized, or directs patient to an appropriate information source

~ Recognizes the right of the patient or their legal representative to make their own decisions regarding care

~ Respects the patient’s right to privacy, and discloses information only when relevant to diagnosis and treatment, or required by law

Professional Accountability

The Cardiology Technologist:

~Functions within the Scope of Practice of the Cardiology Technologist, and undertakes additional duties only if appropriately qualified and authorized

~Maintains a level of fitness, state of mind, level of awareness and level of emotional functioning appropriate for effective performance

~ Acts at all times with honesty and integrity
~ Maintains a professional demeanor in the workplace ~ Utilizes professional language in the workplace

~ Identifies professional situations that carry the potential for a personal conflict of interest, and takes appropriate action

~ Reports unprofessional or illegal activity through established channels ~Accepts accountability for personal decisions and actions

Quality of Care
The Cardiology Technologist:

~Employs procedures and techniques for which they have appropriate training and, where relevant, authorization

~Ensures the safety of patients and coworkers during cardiology technology procedures

~Performs procedures and techniques in accordance with current professional standards

~Seeks information, direction and assistance when needed ~Ensures complete and accurate documentation of procedures

~Participates in quality-improvement initiatives

Legal and Organizational Responsibility

The Cardiology Technologist:

~Maintains awareness of, and complies with, legislation affecting practice

~Maintains awareness of, and complies with, workplace policies and procedures

~Recognizes supervisory authority

~Treats coworkers with respect, and functions as a productive member of the health care team

~Communicates in the workplace using established channels

Professional Development

The Cardiology Technologist:

~Continually strives to improve personal knowledge and skills ~Maintains current CSCT certification

~Maintains, and where feasible enhances, the competencies in the CSCT Occupational Competency Profile that are relevant to the practice setting

~Participates productively in the affairs of the CSCT

~Contributes to workplace learning by assisting with the education of students and other professionals

Approved by the CSCT Board of Directors – February 2007 In Accordance with the Canadian Charter of Rights 




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