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CSCT Celebrates 50 years! 1970-2020


This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists.


It started with a vision 58 years ago. In 1962, a letter written by Monica Webster, was published in “The Canadian Doctor” magazine asking for information on Cardiology Technicians associations. She received a reply saying there were no associations in Canada. Therefore, a group of Cardiology Technicians from Winnipeg, Manitoba formed a provincial association, with the goal to develop a national organization. The intent of the society was to promote education and certification for cardiology technicians across Canada. 


A special meeting of technicians was held in Winnipeg on January 16th, 1963 to determine the name of their organization. The name chosen was Cardiology Technicians Association. (CTA)


The first official meeting of the CTA was held at the Winnipeg General Hospital on January 30th, 1963. There were 34 members in attendance with Abe Toews named as CTA President. After numerous meetings and applications, the CTA was granted a provincial Charter in June, 1963.


On April 4th, 1964 Abe Toews travelled to Saskatoon University Hospital to promote membership in the CTA to work towards forming a national organization.


Over the ensuing 6 years, the CTA helped other provinces to obtain their own provincial Charters.


In 1968, the CTA retained Barre Hall as legal counsel to pursue the creation of a national body and to obtain a Federal Charter. To do so, it was required to have 7 provinces with provincial charters. Once this was achieved, Barre Hall was able to submit an application for a Federal Charter and filed for incorporation of a national association named the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technicians. 


On October 13th, 1970 CSCT became incorporated and on December 9th 1970, a Federal Charter was granted to CSCT.


Today, the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists has over 1900 members and is proud to be an educational partner with the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress since 1991.


The CSCT Board of Directors is pleased to reveal the new CSCT logo in commemoration of our 50th anniversary.