Recommended Reading List for CSCT Certification Exam

Updated Jan 2018

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The following textbooks and publications are intended to assist candidates in the preparation of the CSCT National Certification Examinations. All CSCT National Certification Examination questions have been referenced to 1 or more of the textbooks /publications on this list.


  1.  Drugs for the Heart by Opie and Gersh - Drugs for the Heart:8th edition: L Opie, B. Gersch: Elsevier Health Sciences: 9781455726752


  1.  12 Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation by Garcia - 12 lead ECG the Art of Interpretation: 2nd edition: Tomas B Garcia, Neil E Holtz: Jones       and Bartlett Learning: 9781284040883
  2.  ECG Workout by Huff - ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation: 7th edition: Jane Huff: Lippincort, Williams and Wilkins:  9781469899824


  1.  ECG Workout by Huff - ECG Workout: Exercises in Arrhythmia Interpretation: 7th edition: Jane Huff: Lippincort, Williams and Wilkins: 9781469899824
  2.  ACC/AHA Guidelines for Ambulatory Electrocardiography: Executive Summary and Recommendations:
  3. CSCT Practical Applications of Cardiology Technology CSCT Ambulatory Monitoring


  1.  ACSMs Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription - ACSMs Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription:  9th Edition: American College of Sports Medicine: Wolters Kluwer: 9781609136055
  2.  Pocket Guide to Stress Testing:1st edition: Edward Chung: Blackwell Science: 977-0-8654-2509-5
  3.  AHA Guidelines - Exercise Standards for Testing and Training:
  4. CSCT ETT Chapter - CSCT Exercise Tolerance Testing



  1. EP: Getting Started Mark W. Sweesy Cardiac Device Consultants, Inc. no ISBN can be ordered from the following website. started-new-release/


Cardiac Implantable Devices:

  1. Cardiac Pacing and ICDs:6th edition: Kenneth Ellenbogen, Karoly Kaszala: John Wiley & Sons: 9781118459508
  2. Nuts and Bolts of Paced ECG Interpretation: Tom Kenney John Wiley & Sons: 9781444357073



  1. Pathophysiology of Heart Disease: 6th edition: Leonard Lilly: Wolters Kluwer: 9781451192759
  2. Clinical Cardiology Made Ridiculously Simple: 4th edition: Michael Chizner: MEDMASTER INC.: 9781935660040
  3. Netter’s Cardiology: 2nd edition: Marschall Runge, George Stouffer, Cam Patterson: Elsevier Canada: 9781437706376



  1. Pediatric ECG Interpretation: An Illustrative Guide: Barbara Deal, Christopher Johnsrude, Scott Buck: John Wiley & Sons: 9781405146784



  1. CSCT Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice


Additional reading recommendations:

  • The Only EKG Book You'll Ever Need: 6th edition: Malcolm Thaler: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: 9781605471402 
  • The Complete Guide to ECGs: 4th edition: James O’Keefe: Jones & Bartlett Learning: 9781284066340 
  • How to Read Pediatric ECGs Myung Park, Warren Guntheroth: Elsevier Canada: 9780323035705


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