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Exam Procedures and Regulations

Update January 2018



1. Introduction to CSCT and Mission Statement

2.Introduction to CSCT Certification

3. CSCT Certification Examination Eligibility

4. CSCT Certification Examination Application Procedure

5. Exam Dates, Fees and Application Deadlines

6. CSCT Certification Exam rewrite policy

7. Appeal Procedures

8. Examination Regulation

9. Confidentiality


Welcome on behalf of the Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists (CSCT), to the National Certification Examination process in Cardiology Technology. The CSCT Examination Hand Guide contains information regarding CSCT examination content, format, policies and procedures. 


#1     Introduction to CSCT


The CSCT is affiliated with the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC). The CSCT is a non-profit organization established to raise the standard of practice, level of competence and the quality of patient care in Canada. A self-governing body, the CSCT admits and revokes membership in the Society. All members must maintain and upgrade professional standards by participating in a Continuing Education Program. With technology advancing so rapidly, the CSCT is working to preserve and improve national professional standards and clinical competencies in the field of cardiac testing. Today we have over 1700 registered members in Canada. Members may be employed in the field of cardiology by assisting and performing duties in:

(1) Electrocardiography

(2) Exercise Tolerance Testing

(3) Ambulatory Monitoring

(4) Cardiac Implantable Device and Arrhythmia Clinic

(5) Electrophysiology Lab



The Experts in Cardiology Technology


Mission Statement

As the certifying body, CSCT is dedicated to quality patient care by maintaining the highest standards in Cardiology Technology





Decisions made are for the betterment of CSCT



#2     Introduction to CSCT Certification


CSCT Certification is awarded to applicants who can demonstrate the competencies found in the 2007 CSCT National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP).  The NOCP is a comprehensive outline of technologist competencies that are necessary for safe and effective entry-level practice in Canada.  The competencies cover four essential areas of practice:

·           Cardiac Procedures

·           Patient Care

·           Professional Standards

·           Foundational Knowledge


Demonstration of competency relies upon these two requirements:


1. Graduation from a CSCT approved and accredited cardiology technology college program

2. Successful completion of the CSCT National Certification Examination


Cardiology Technology post-secondary college programs in Canada must apply for and obtain accreditation .  A condition of such accreditation is that programs teach and assess clinical competencies found in the NOCP.


Your Provincial Association and the CSCT extend their best wishes to you, as you prepare to meet the challenges of your future profession in Cardiology Technology.


#3     CSCT Certification Examination Eligibility


Candidates must fully comply with one of the following requirements:


(1)  Successfully completed a CSCT approved and accredited Cardiology Technology Program.

For a list of programs currently approved, please contact your Provincial Education Coordinator or see  

Note: in cases where programs are completed up to month prior to the Exam Date applications may be accepted at the exam application deadline. Proof of successful program completion MUST be provided no later than 1 month prior to the exam date.

Effective January 1, 2013, graduates from an approved Cardiology Technology program must attempt the CSCT exam within the next three (3) consecutive CSCT exam sittings, after the graduation date.

 Effective January 1, 2013, any rewrites of the CSCT certification exam must be made within 2 years of the first attempt.


(2)  Foreign Trained Cardiology Technologists/Physicians must provide proof of education/work experience in order to challenge the exam. Please contact the CSCT Education Director for further information.


(3)  Reinstatement exam - please contact your provincial education coordinator.



#4     CSCT Certification Examination Application Procedure


ALL applications are to be submitted online and documentation sent by email to by the date indicated on the CSCT website.   


The exam application can be found at under the Exam Candidate tab, or on the home page during the application intake period.


All communication (including results) will be via email, certificates will be mailed. Please ensure that your information is current, and check your emails regularly.  Should your information change prior to challenging the CSCT certification exam, please email all changes to


(1)   Submit current CSCT National Certification Examination application online prior to deadline date (see Application Deadlines below or on the website at

(2)   Submit examination fee via PayPal through the CSCT website prior to deadline date.

(3)   Provide documentation of graduation (including the clinical portion) from an approved program in Cardiology Technology, according to CSCT guidelines. If a photocopy of certificate or diploma is not immediately available, written verification from the Program Head or Instructor must accompany your application is.  Email these documents to


If any of the following occurs the application will not be processed.


(a)       Failure to meet the application/documentation deadline

(b)       Incomplete payment

(c)       Failure to submit eligibility documents

You will receive an email no later than 3 weeks after the application deadline, confirming exam eligibility.


#5     Certification Examination Dates, Application Deadlines and Fees

Examination Dates


All CSCT Examinations are held towards the end of April and September. Please refer to the CSCT website for additional information. Candidates can choose their preferred location at the time of the online examination application. The location is not guaranteed as there is limited seating, but we will try our best to accommodate your request.


Note: Depending on the demand for exams there may be two or three dates available for each sitting.



Application Deadlines


The deadline date for all CSCT examination applications is two months prior to the month of writing:

April exam deadline is February 15th

September exam deadline is July 15th


Examination Fees

National Certification Examination                                              $600.00

Rewrite of National Certification Examination:                          $600.00


Note: Examination fees are subject to change upon CSCT Board approval.


SPECIAL EXAM REQUIREMENTS – Candidates who have special requirements to sit a CSCT exam must provide notification, appropriate supporting documentation at the time of the online application. Arrangements to accommodate special needs will be forwarded to the CSCT Examination Committee and the candidate will be notified in writing of their decisions. 


Please Note: All documentation for special requirements must be received at the time of application (certification or rewrite). Additional fees may apply to the candidate, at the discretion of the CSCT.


#6     CSCT Certification Exam Rewrite Policy (Effective March 2015)


 Note: If any candidates’ information has changed from previous applications the candidate must resend the documentation.  Example (name change, home address, email address etc.)


Exam Candidates are allowed a maximum of 4 (four) attempts (one initial and 3 re-writes) of the CSCT National Certification Examination.


After unsuccessfully sitting the CSCT National Certification Examination for the first time, the candidate has a total of 3 additional attempts, which must be made within two years of the first attempt.



First attempt April 2015: Candidate then must make any subsequent attempts by April 2017. (September 2015, April 2016, September 2016 and April 2017)


CSCT encourages candidates to complete additional theory review courses and/or clinical hours prior to the 4th and final attempt.


Candidates who are unsuccessful after the 4 attempts, or who do not successfully complete the exam within the two-year time frame do not meet the standards for membership. To re-qualify for CSCT National Certification Examination and registration with the CSCT, you must register and graduate from a CSCT approved Cardiology Technology Program as a new student.

#7     Examination Appeal Procedure for Disruptive or Technological Issues


Disruptive or Technological Issues during the examination circumstances may be appealed. Circumstances must be made verbally to the examination invigilator at the time of the examination and by email to the CSCT at within 48 hours of the examination date.


#8     CSCT Examination Regulations


NOTIFICATION OF EXAMINATION TIME AND LOCATION - The candidates will be notified via email of the time and location of the examination no less than 2 weeks prior to the examination date(s). This email will come from Yardstick (the CSCT exam delivery company).  This email will include examination date, location, user name and passwords, as well as testing site rules and regulations. Once you have access to your username and password you will be able to access the exam tutorial and practice exam.  Please contact the CSCT Education Director at if you have not received this information 2 weeks prior to the exam date(s).


WITHDRAWALS –From time of application to 5 weeks prior to the first scheduled exam date a candidate may withdraw without penalty. If the candidate withdraws within five weeks of the first scheduled exam date the penalty will be $300.00. It is the candidate’s responsibility to reapply by the next appropriate deadline.




NO SHOW – If a candidate does not attend the exam sitting, it will be deemed a failure and there will be no refund, unless extenuating circumstances apply


EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES – If the candidate is unable to attempt the examination due to any of the following, she/he may make a request for extenuating circumstances. If the request is approved, the exam fee, less $300.00 administration fee, will be refunded

Illness of the candidate or immediate family member – medical certificate or physicians letter required
Death in the immediate family – photocopy of death certificate or letter from attending physician or minister required
Environmental alerts, accidents and provincial weather-related transport shutdowns that may occur, must be documented and proven.


The CSCT must be notified within 24 hours of the exam date at and written verification must follow within 2 (two) weeks.


CANDIDATES LATE FOR EXAMINATIONS – It is the candidate’s responsibility to arrive prior to the scheduled exam start time. A candidate arriving up to 30 minutes after the scheduled start time will be admitted with no allowance made for lost time.

A candidate arriving later than 30 min after the scheduled exam start time will be denied entry and exam will be considered a failure.


CHEATING AND DISHONESTY – A candidate who is guilty of cheating or dishonesty will be penalized appropriately by the CSCT Examination Committee, pending on the severity of the act. The candidate may be disqualified from attempting to write the exam in the future.


#9     Confidentiality


On the day of your examination, when you are logging in to the CSCT National Certification Examination, you will be agreeing to the following statements. Please familiarize yourself with these statements.


1. I certify that I am the person whose name appears on the forms of identification that I presented prior to admission to the examination area.


2. I understand that all examination materials, including my answers are the exclusive property of CSCT.


3. I affirm that I have not and will not obtain or provide answers or information to or from any other candidate, person or organization.


4. I understand that the Exam is a confidential and secure test. I will not reproduce, record or disclose through memorization or any other means, including but not limited to postings on the internet, any exam question or answer, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means.


5. I understand and agree that disclosing any exam question or answer, in whole or in part to any other individual, organization, agency or other person, by any means, is illegal and CSCT has the right to declare my test scores null and void.


6. I understand that if I do not agree to these conditions, I will not be permitted to take the exam and I will forfeit the exam fee.


7. I understand that any violation of this Agreement may lead to the initiation of legal proceeding by CSCT against me.


8. I affirm that I have read and understand the CSCT Examination Confidentiality Agreement.



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