CSCT Certification Exam Rewrite Policy

Effective March 2015

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CSCT Certification Exam Rewrite Policy 

Exam Candidates are allowed a maximum of 4 (four) attempts (one initial and 3 re- writes) of the CSCT Certification Exam.

After unsuccessfully sitting the CSCT Certification exam for the first time, the candidate has a total of 3 additional attempts, which must be made within two years of the first attempt.


First attempt April 2015: Candidate then has to make any subsequent attempts by April 2017. (September 2015, April 2016, September 2016 and April 2017)

CSCT encourages candidates to complete additional theory review courses and/or clinical hours prior to the 4th and final attempt.

Candidates who are unsuccessful after the 4 attempts, or who do not successfully complete the exam within the two year time frame do not meet the standards for membership. In order to re-qualify for CSCT Certification and registration with the CSCT, you must register and graduate from a CSCT approved Cardiology Technology Program as a new student.

Updated and approved by the CSCT Exam committee March 2015 



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