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Next Annual General Meeting   
October 20/2018    2pm-5pm 
Toronto ON, 
Location: TBA



At the 2017 CSCT AGM in Vancouver, quorum was met and the election of Provincial Directors was held. There were 139 voting members in attendance, and 63 valid proxies were held.

We are pleased to announce that the following Board of Directors were elected for a two year term commencing October 2017 and ending at the AGM October 2019.

BC Director                Sean Freeze

AB Director                Mary Fielden

SK Director                 Andrea Gross

MB Director               Colleen Bemister

ON Director               Lorraine Smith

NB Director                Valerie Gilbert

NS Director                Brenda Wall

NL Director                Denise Tapper Blake

Director at Large      Crystal Shendaruk


At the post AGM, the following appointments (for a two year term) were made to the CSCT Executive:

Crystal Shendaruk—Director at Large—Appointed President

Brenda Wall—NS Director—Appointed Vice-President


The following Executive positions do not expire until October 2018—

Education Director—Jackie Goodtrack

Treasurer—Karen Schaus


The following appointments (for a two year term) were also made at the Post AGM meeting:

Secretary—Gretchen Dunn

Registrar—Cheryl West


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Nova Scotia
Newfoundland Labrador 
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