Director at Large

( who may be appointed at  President)

Crystal Shendaruk

I first became the CSCT  President  in 2017 and as I finish my third consecutive term, I am excited and honoured to be nominated again for a forth term. 

I began my career in Cardiology Technology in 2001. In 2011, I successfully passed the International Board of Heart Rhythms Exam and have been working in the Cardiac Device Clinic at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon ever since. 

I joined the Saskatchewan Provincial board SCTA in 2013 as the director, immediately getting involved with the CSCT. Over the last 10 years I have contributed to growth within CSCT  and can’t wait to see where we go to next. I am passionate about our profession and educating others about who we are and what we do!  

Away from work and the CSCT, I am a busy mom of two beautiful daughters who are 19 & 17. My husband of 22 years continues to support me in all my endeavours both in my profession and personal goals. 

I look forward to representing CSCT and continuing to make positive changes for our society. 

Director - BC

Sean Freeze

I came to the profession of Cardiology Technology later in my career as I was looking for something more altruistic and realized I’d missed being involved in the sciences. I’d previously worked at several national advertising agencies; first as a Web Producer, followed by several years as a Manager of Strategic Services. Prior to attaining my RCT designation, my previous educational foundation is in Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture at Arizona State University and the University of British Columbia.

I currently oversee VGH Heart Services/UBCH Cardiology in Vancouver and have held that position since 2011. I’ve been on the CTABC Board of Directors since 2010, serving as President from 2015-2021 and Vice President from 2010-2015. I’ve also represented British Columbia on the CSCT Board of Directors since 2015.

In days long passed, I played basketball and baseball at the college/university level. I’ve been active in the field of coaching ever since. I coached in the BC Junior Baseball League for almost a decade and spent several years on staff with the UBC baseball program. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed coaching senior boys’ basketball at my local high school.


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Director - AB

Elin Hasper

Elin is a Cardiology Technologist who has been working in the field for a decade. Elin’s experiences include invasive and non-invasive experience and specialty. 

Elin began her Cardiology career in Manitoba working in clinics in Brandon Hospital and the Grace Hospital in Winnipeg. 

Elin transferred to Alberta where she began her journey into pacemakers speciality working in Northern Alberta and Edmonton as a Cardiology Technologist and as a Clinical Specialist with Medtronic working throughout Western Canada in cardiac devices and EP studies. In 2019 Elin joined the Alberta Society of Registered Cardiology Technologists as the Vice President. Elin then changed roles in 2022 to the Alberta Provincial Director role and liaises with ASRCT and CSCT.

Elin currently works in Public Health as a Health Promotion Facilitator and ties her Cardiology experience into prevention education and population health initiatives in efforts to prevent cancer and chronic diseases in populations. Elin continues to work in Cardiology where her passion for teaching and professional development continue to thrive. 

Director - SK

Lauren Baldwin

I have been an RCT for 5 years and joined the cardiac device clinic 2 years ago. Shortly after becoming a cardiology technologist I joined the SCTA as a CEU Coordinator. I always had aspirations of being a part of the CSCT and did so last year as the Saskatchewan Director. 

I joined the board to give back to my profession. I am excited to be a part of something bigger and learn new things to help me gain new insight on our profession! By being on the board I hope to give ideas and new opportunities to our members and help continue to grow our profession. One of my favourite things of being on the board is our education day and member dinner at CCC. It is an awesome way to meet new people and hear about the many different work environments.

I look forward to seeing where cardiology is in 10 years, as there have been many new advancements in technology and patient care.

To the newcomers to CSCT/Cardiology Technology, the most important thing I think you should know is to take every day as a learning opportunity and be open to new things. 

Director - MB

Linda Mclean

Winnipeg born and raised, I was educated at Red River College for Cardiology Technology and later in Healthcare Leadership and Management. I joined the Cardiology Technology community 4 decades ago and have enjoyed employment in a variety of venues including private clinics, cardiac rehabilitation, community hospitals and both of Winnipeg’s tertiary teaching facilities. St. Boniface Hospital as the Cardiac Centre for Manitoba has been home from beginning to end with roles as a new student to charge technologist, MUSE coordinator and interim manager. The friendships, learning opportunities and ability to be part of a team striving for excellence in patient care have made this journey a pleasure. Supporting our profession over the years as MACT President and currently as nominee for Manitoba CSCT director has allowed me to serve our membership in a variety of ways. I look forward to this opportunity to work with this national board and serve our membership to develop and grow as a valued profession across the country.  

Director - NB

Valerie Gilbert

I began my career as a Cardiology Technologist in 2000. Got involved as a volunteer with the association and was asked to become the National Registrar. I got to interact with lots of the Canadian members and discover what make us such a unique profession all across the country.

I am proud to be the Provincial Director for New Brunswick, the only legislated provincial body and the only officially bilingual province. I am proud to represent this group of dedicated professionals, both past and present,  who have accomplished success lobbying and watching Bill 54 pass to ensure that the citizens of NB are being treated by Registered Cardiology Technologists.

We face challenges every day, and being part of a growing society helps us become and stay strong, proud cardiology technologists.

Director - NS/PEI

Michaela Gauthier

My name is Michaela and I’m currently running for Director of Nova Scotia. I have been a Cardiology Technologist for just over a year now but I have been working for two years. I wanted to get involved on the board because I believe it’s so important to have representation from newly graduated or younger technologists as they are going to be representing our careers in the future.

I believe that being a cardiology technologist and being a part of the CSCT has already taught me so many valuable lessons that I can use towards my day to day work, but also my everyday life, and I enjoy seeing what I have learnt throughout the year from Education Days, AGMs, Cardiology rounds, etc.

I look forward to see where the CSCT continues to lead in the next few years and I hope I can provide some insightful feedback and opinions on the board a younger, newer registered technologist.

Director - NL

Megan Willette

I’ve been an RCT since 2014 and a member of my provincial board since 2015. It started with the role of education coordinator and I have since moved on to become the provincial director and president. I was accepted as the Newfoundland & Labrador Director with CSCT in October 2019, a role which has given me an opportunity to not only see how the society functions, but to be a part of an amazing team that works to support and promote Cardiology Technology across the country.

Every year I look forward to the CSCT AGM and CCC/Vascular. It’s nice to finally meet some RCTs from across the country, to hear about the many ways our jobs are both the same and different, to attend educational events together, and be able to discuss topics we may never have thought about or encountered before.

I think newcomers to our field, as well as the other professionals we work with, should know that our specialty in providing accurate tests and interpreting rhythms may only be one part of the larger field of cardiology, but it is truly an important one that affects a great deal of patient care. At the end of every shift, we can be proud of the work we put in and the difference we make.



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