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Approved September 2019

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1. Membership requirements                     Feb, 2016                    Sept, 2019                 


2. Current fees and dues                             June, 2017                Sept, 2019                   


3. Dues, fees and billing processing          October, 2017            Sept, 2019                  


4. Reinstatement                                          June 2016                  June 2017                 


5. Life membership                                      March 2009                Sept, 2019                  


6. AGM                                                                                               Sept, 2019               



 (see also Membership Policy #4 and Bylaw 3.01 and 3.02) 

Registered Membership requires successful completion of the CSCT certification exam.

b.     CSCT membership in good standing requires:

·      Payment of annual dues and any outstanding fees

·      Compilation of the mandatory thirty (30) CEUs per triennium.

c.     Failure to comply with this policy (1b) shall result in one or more of the following:

·      Change in membership status

·      Fine(s)

·      Requirement to rewrite the CSCT Certification exam.

·      CEU accumulation to meet requirements

·      Inability to vote at an AGM or special meeting

d.     The CSCT membership year is April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

e.     The CSCT dues will be waived for any successful exam applicant for the year in which the exam was written and passed.

f.      When a member moves to another provincial association, a Transfer Form is to be completed by the member and sent to their current provincial registrar. The completed form is then submitted to the new provincial association registrar and the CSCT Registrar. The form is on the CSCT website.

g.     To maintain any position on a Board or committee, a member must maintain their status as “in good standing”. Failure to comply will result in removal from that position. Inactive members may occupy an office of the Society (Bylaw 3.01 c). 

Foreign trained applicants who apply to challenge the CSCT Certification exam must follow the guidelines for foreign applicants. Guidelines are found on the CSCT website.
The CSCT Registrar and Treasurer will communicate with the respective province/territory on receipt of the documentation for new or reinstatement of membership.



Dues increase approved by members Oct 24, 2009 effective date of 2010.

NOTE: Provincial membership fees are not included


a.     Current dues are as follows:

           Active Member                                                            $65.00

           Inactive member                                                           $55.00

           Life Member                                                                waived

           Business, Commercial and Industry Member             $1000.00 (February 5, 2010)

           The CSCT dues will be waived for any successful exam applicant for the year in which the exam was written and passed.


b.     CSCT Administration Fees:

Replacement of certificate                                          $25.00

Replacement of membership card                               $25.00


Current CSCT exam fees are:                                                        

Certification exam                                                       $600.00

Certification exam re-write                                         $600.00

Approved special accommodations are subject to an additional fee set by the exam delivery company.


CSCT Examination Administration Fees:

Exam withdrawal up to 5 weeks prior to exam date   $300.00

Extenuating circumstances                                          $300.00

Exam transcript copy                                                   $25.00

Note: For any further information regarding the CSCT exam please refer to the CSCT Certification Exam Handguide


Re-Instatement Administration Fees: (Stay in the province)


Beyond 6 years                                                                 $200.00

Late CEU Administration Fee (Stay in the province)      $100.00.




CSCT dues are to be processed by your provincial associations.  The provincial associations forward the applicable portion to the CSCT by the last day of February of each year.   

·        CSCT dues are non-refundable

·        CEUs are to be submitted to your provincial association by December 31 at the end of each triennium. The provincial associations submit the totals to the CSCT by the last day of February following the end of the triennium.

·        The CSCT Education Director shall communicate in writing with each respective Provincial Education Coordinator, regarding candidates for any CSCT exam.

·        CSCT Exam Fees: see Membership Policy # 2


 # 4      REINSTATEMENT Effective January 31, 2017 to December 31, 2019             

The Canadian Society of Cardiology Technologists is responsible for setting entry to practice requirements for, Registered Cardiology Technologists (RCT), as outlined in the National Occupational Competency Profile (NOCP).

A Member “Not in Good Standing” is a Registered Member (except a Life member) that has not completed one or more of the following:


1 Not maintained annual dues and/ or paid any applicable fees

2. Not maintained the required 30 CEUs per triennium 

A Member “Not in Good Standing” applying for reinstatement must complete the requirements as outlined below:                                                                                                                     

1st Triennium (up to the end of 3 consecutive years)] Pay all membership back dues and applicable fees at current rate.

Submit the required CEU’s for the triennium (total of 30)
 Confirmation of membership status from CSCT Registrar 
Administration fee of $100.00 (Administration fee will stay in respective province) 
Provide required documentation such as Legal, Medical or other.


 2ND Triennium (beginning of the 4TH to the end of 6 consecutive years) Assessed on an individual basis by a membership panel]  

Pay all membership back dues and applicable fees at current rate.
 Pay an Administration fee of $200.00 (Administration fee will stay in respective province)
Challenge and pass the CSCT Certification
 Confirmation of membership status from CSCT Registrar 
Provide required documentation such as Legal, Medical or other.


Beyond 6 years Assessed on an individual basis by a membership panel]  

Pay all membership back dues and applicable fees at current rate.
Challenge and pass CSCT Certification Exam
Provide required documentation such as Legal, Medical or other
Pay an Administration fee of $200.00 (Administration fee will stay in respective Province)



To start the reinstatement process,  please contact your provincial association.

Amended June 2017

Approved June 2017



# 5       LIFE MEMBER


As per CSCT Bylaw 2(e), a Life Membership can be awarded under the following process;


a.      A Life Membership nomination form may be requested from the President by any member in good standing.

b.     The completed Life Membership nomination form must be submitted with supporting documentation as applicable to the CSCT Board.

c.     The CSCT Board of Directors will review all such recommendations and validate all pertinent information.

d.     If a Life Membership is awarded, the member is contacted by the President. An official certificate and a congratulatory letter, signed by the President, is announced and presented at the first available AGM.

e.     If the member is unable to attend the AGM, the certificate and congratulatory letter are sent to the member by the President.

f.      The CSCT Registrar will notify the member’s Provincial Registrar so that CSCT dues and mandatory CEUs are no longer collected.

g.     The Life member will have all of the same rights as an Active member in good standing.


#6 AGM 

Proxy Forms, notice of meeting, minutes from previous year’s AGM and meeting agenda will be available to each member via the CSCT website. 
To allow for recounts or discrepancies, all proxies and ballots received at an AGM will be sealed and stored with the CSCT Registrar for one (1) year and destroyed (by motion) at the next AGM. A request for an AGM vote recount must be made immediately after the initial vote results. 
Proxy votes must be received by the CSCT Registrar in the time frame as directed on the proxy and will be validated by the registrar, prior to the meeting. 


Only active Registered Member “in good standing” or a Life member can vote and/or hold any elected position on the Board, and will be issued a voting ballot card. Inactive members do not have a right to vote (Bylaw 3.01 (c))


At an AGM, when voting on issues other than those on the original proxy, the voting member is allowed one (1) vote for themselves and one (1) vote for each valid proxy that they are carrying and as directed by the proxy.


Observers at CSCT AGM :

·      Student observers must send a written request for permission to attend the CSCT AGM to their Provincial Associations. Upon permission from the province the Provincial Director for that province will immediately inform the CSCT AGM committee and the CSCT Executive. The student must show proof of being a student of a CSCT approved Cardiology Technology Program, at the AGM.  


·       Other Non-member observers must receive prior approval from BOD to attend the CSCT AGM at least three weeks in advance.


·       As a general rule observers shall have no voice or vote. Observers can be given a voice, if recognized by the CSCT AGM chair.


Draft minutes of an AGM are to be posted on the CSCT website following the CSCT Board’s acceptance of the draft minutes of the meeting. 


Members in arrears who wish to attend and vote at an AGM must ensure that their dues, fees  and CEUs for Active membership, are submitted to their province no later than one  (1) month prior to the AGM to allow for full processing of the documents and funds. 


Any member requesting to add a new item to the AGM agenda for membership discussion must submit a written request and summary of the topic, to the President, sixty (60) days prior to the AGM.  The President will notify the member of the Board’s decision.


Discussion of any one (1) item on the agenda will be limited to five (5) minutes unless otherwise directed by the Board.


Voting members must check in (register) prior to the start of the AGM.


Voting members must be in the meeting room at the designated start time of the meeting to establish quorum. If a voting member is not in attendance at the start time of the meeting, their vote will be forfeit and any proxies held will be redistributed to the alternate as indicated on the proxy. Attendees who leave the room will not be allowed back into the AGM while a motion is in progress. They can re-join the meeting after the vote is officially complete.


Membership Policies Approved September 2019

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