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Please email if you wish to post a Cardiology Technologist job posting on the CSCT website. Also, please include the specifics of the job, including contact information, website information, job requirements, and job duties.



Cardiology Technologist - Guelph, ON
Guelph, Ontario


Perform ECG, Holter & Loop Recorder Monitoring, Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring, Exercise Stress Testing hook up and analysis.

Apply by November 2016
Cardiovascular Technologist - London Cardiac Institute
London, Ontario

Duties & Responsibilities
Perform ECGs on patients
Explains and prepares patients for Dr run stress tests
Perform stress echos
Perform holter hook-ups, scanning and reporting
Perform loop/nonloop recorder hook-ups and reporting
Various office work
Organize the flow of patients for up to 7 Dr's at one time

Apply by October 2016