Exam Candidate Information For September 2017 Certification Exam

Updates June 6 2017

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Dear Exam Candidate:


Please read carefully before starting your registration:


Exam fee:  $600.00

This includes first time certification, rewrites, reinstatement and foreign applicates.



Exam will be offered:   September 27, 28, 29 2017

Registration Opens: June 10 2017

Registration Deadline:  July 15 2017

Document Deadline:  August 25 2017 5 pm MST



Process to apply for your CSCT Certification exam for September 2017


ALL applications are submitted online via CSCT website. 


You must pay your exam fee via Paypal.  The system will not accept your application until you have paid your exam fee.  Once your exam application and payment is submitted, we will have received it.  There is no need to email us to confirm.


Once you pay for and submit your application online, you must then send your supporting documents via email to: examregistration@csct.ca

These supporting documents prove eligibility and are either a copy of your diploma, or for first time writers who are waiting on diploma, a letter from your program stating your completion date (Deadline is August 25, 2017 @ 5 pm MST )


Once we have received your online registratioin, paypal payment, and supporting documents you will receive an email from the CSCT confirming your eligibility to challenge the exam.  You will also receive information about the exam.


The  first week of September 2017, please watch your email (including spam and junk folders). Yardstick ( the exam delivery company) will be sending you a user name and password, which will allow you to login into the Yardstick website to access a tutorial and practice exam.  You will need this username and password the day of the exam as well.


***Please note:  There is a possibility that not all sites will be available on all available dates, so book early.


***If you require special accomodations, you must include the supporting  documentation WITH your application by July  15. There may be an additional fee for the special accommodation which will need to be paid prior to challenaging the exam.