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Updated July 16 2016

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Dear Exam Candidate:

Registration is now closed for the September 2016 exam 


Please read carefully:


The CSCT Certification exam will be offered through Yardstick, our new exam delivery company.  Feel free to browse their website at http://www.getyardstick.com/contact/

Yardstick has over 150 sites across Canada.  Once you receive your username and password (Week of Sept 2) you will then login to Yardsticks website, and choose your location and date to write the exam.


Deadline to apply for September sitting is July 15, 2016
Cost $500.00.  This includes first time certification, rewrites as well as reinstatement.
Exam will be offered September 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th.
New Process to apply for your CSCT Certification exam for September 2016


ALL applications are submitted online via CSCT website.         


You must pay your exam fee via Paypall.  The system will not accept your application until you have paid your exam fee.  Once your exam application is submitted, we will have received it.  There is no need to email to confirm. Also, if you have recieved confirmation from paypal, please do not send an email asking if we have recieved it as we have.  These emails will not be responded to.


Once you pay for and submit your application online, you must then send your supporting documents via email (scan to email, or photo to email) to: examregistration@csct.caNo other inquiries to this email address will be responded to.  It is an inbox email only.  If you have any additional questions, please email cscteducationdirector@gmail.com


The due date for application, payment and supporting documents is July 15.  These supporting documents prove eligibility and are either a copy of your diploma, or for first time writers who are waiting on diploma, a letter from your program stating your completion date            ( August 23rd, 2016 is the last possible date to meet graduation requirements).


The week of September 2nd, please watch your email (including spam and junk folders). CSCT will be sending you a user name and password which will allow you to login into the Yardstick website to select your exam site and exam date.  The email will also include full instructions on how to login and choose your site and date.


***Please note:  There is a possibility that not all sites will be available on all available dates, so book early.

***If you require special accomodations, you must include your request WITH your application by July 15.